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Debut Book by Author Tony Bertoldi Inspires Knowledge and Awareness of Affordable Housing

Announcing the near-arrival of Tony Bertoldi’s debut book, American Dream Come True sheds light on the critical issue of affordable housing in America. As an affordable housing expert serving as Co-President at CREA, LLC, Bertoldi showcases his knowledge and extensive background in low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC) while simultaneously calling for change and social justice through its advocacy.

In American Dream Come True, Bertoldi dives deep into the complex challenges surrounding affordable housing, exploring its far-reaching impact on individuals, families and communities. With compassion and insight, Bertoldi artfully combines personal narratives, national data and policy perspectives to provide a comprehensive understanding of this pressing issue.

Tony Bertoldi says: “My goal in writing this book is to debunk myths and misconceptions about affordable housing and bring awareness to the tremendous need we have in this country. It is my hope that the reader sees the significant benefits of safe, accessible affordable housing to all Americans and why we must take every step to provide more.”

Forbes Books Team comments: "In American Dream Come True, Tony Bertoldi makes an innovative and profoundly compelling case for LIHTC and why affordable housing matters to every American. Bertoldi's clear understanding of how his industry impacts individual American lives and our society, as a whole, shines through in this elegantly written, energetic and thoroughly engaging book. Recommended reading for anyone interested in a strong, solutions-oriented approach to making good on the promise of what it means to live in America."

Pre-orders for American Dream Come True are now available, offering readers an opportunity to secure their copies in advance. By pre-ordering, supporters of affordable housing initiatives and those interested in social equality can contribute to Bertoldi’s efforts in raising awareness and driving meaningful change in our communities.

American Dream Come True is scheduled for release on January 9, 2024, and will be available in various formats by Forbes Books, including hardcover, e-book and audiobook, making it accessible to a wide range of readers. To learn more about the author or book, and to place your pre-order, please visit Connect with Tony Bertoldi on LinkedIn and Facebook to stay updated on upcoming announcements, policy updates and engaging discussions.

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