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Meeting Investment Needs

CREA’s syndication team serves as the voice of our investors within CREA. We are committed to investors long-term, acting on their behalf in all matters. Our team organizes and offers well-structured funds to meet investment needs and goals. We believe in transparent, timely communication, and stay connected with our partners through each step – from offering to disposition.

Exceptional Track Record


Total LIHTC Equity Raised


Total States, Territories & DC


Low credit losses or foreclosures

Fund Types


National funds, consisting of numerous investors.

State Specific

Multi-Investor funds with all products located within a single state.


Single investor funds with a geographical and/or product type focus.

Emerging Developer

Fund comprised of emerging MWBE (Minority / Women-owned Business Enterprises) developers.


Proprietary funds with a credit enhancement from a financial institute or insurance company.

State Tax Credits

Variety of state-specific tax credits, both allocated & certificated basis.

Investment Management

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Our investor commitments extend to developers ready to roll up their sleeves.

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