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Meeting Investment Needs

CREA’s syndication team serves as the voice of our investors within CREA. We are committed to investors long-term, acting on their behalf in all matters. Our team organizes and offers well-structured funds to meet investment needs and goals. We believe in transparent, timely communication, and stay connected with our partners through each step – from offering to disposition.

Exceptional Track Record


Total LIHTC Equity Raised


Total States, Territories & DC


Low credit losses or foreclosures

Fund Types


National funds, consisting of numerous investors.

State Specific

Multi-Investor funds with all products located within a single state.


Single investor funds with a geographical and/or product type focus.

State Tax Credits

Variety of state-specific tax credits, both allocated & certificated basis.


Proprietary funds with a credit enhancement from a financial institute or insurance company.

Investment Management

  • What should I expect from the recruitment process?
    CREA takes pride in participating in diverse and inclusive hiring practices, some of which include: Attracting and sourcing for a diverse candidate pool Focusing on gender-neutral and inclusive language in our job postings Providing Inclusive Hiring Bias Training to internal interviewers CREA’s interview process typically includes: Posting the open position on internal and external job boards Reviewing your application and supplemental documents for qualification and interest Scheduling interviews if a potential match is determined Conducting video-based or in-person interviews The hiring manager(s) spend approximately 30 minutes with you in an initial interview. If the initial conversation goes well, we may invite you to a second interview with various prospective team members, and representatives from the Human Resources department. You may participate in a third interview, which may be an in-person or video-based interview. Throughout the interview meetings, the Talent Acquisition team will stay in touch with you and collect thorough feedback from all interview participants to help make an informed hiring decision. We will connect with all interview candidates to communicate our final hiring decision.
  • Who is my point of contact?
    CREA has a dedicated Talent Acquisition team who will stay connected with you through the process.
  • What benefits are offered to CREA employees?
    Some highlights of CREA benefits include: recognition & rewards; paid parental, maternity & adoption leave; tuition reimbursement; comprehensive health, dental and vision; HSA contributions & FSA plan. Visit MyCREABenefits and chat with Alex for a full summary of all benefits.
  • Work from home, and telecommuting and hybrid schedules, oh my! What is CREA’s office policy?
    CREA offers an in office/flex work schedule, with three days in the office (Tues., Wed., Thurs.) and two flexible days for home-based or in office work.
  • LIHTC has me lost. Do you have any helpful resources?
    We get it (not getting it, that is)! Check out our LIHTC 101 Blog, as well as the following industry resources: LIHTC Basics LIHTC Lexicon
  • How can I get to know CREA more?
    Stay in the know via social media! Friend, follow, like and engage with us on: LinkedIn: /company/crea-llc Facebook: /CREALLC Twitter: @CREALLC Instagram: @creallc
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Our investor commitments extend to developers ready to roll up their sleeves.

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