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Statement from Jeffrey Whiting, Chairman and CEO of CREA, LLC

January 7, 2021

Yesterday, we witnessed domestic terrorism masked as patriotism. The actions carried out by individuals who breached the Capitol Building were abhorrent and fueled by lies and misinformation. To suggest that yesterday’s events were an act of protest would be a disservice to every legitimate organization that petitions our government. These were not peaceful protestors. These were organized insurgents, assaulting our democracy.

I have been going to Capitol Hill for over ten years to advocate on behalf of affordable housing initiatives. In that time, I have had countless discussions with members of Congress and staff to take up policy and legislative action, resulting in the development of close working relationships with members on both sides of the aisle. Republicans and Democrats. Progressives and Conservatives.

Both are good people. Both are public servants.

Their intentions are well-founded in the belief that their efforts and actions can help and serve the citizens of this country. There are bipartisan efforts on numerous degrees at the Federal level. There is agreement in the context of what legislation requires: compromise and accommodation to others. There is also an obligation to protect our citizens by defending the greatest literary governance document in history: The Constitution of the United States.

While implied consent from the President of the United States towards yesterday’s subversive activities can be drawn, I want to make it clear that I do not support these actions. Further, as a company whose mission is rooted in community, we at CREA do not support these actions. Governance isn’t a zero-sum proposition. It isn’t about “X wins and, therefore, Y loses.” There is no defeat when we meet in the middle. There is no gain found in lies and misinformation. There is no “great” without democracy.

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