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Overdose Awareness – Property Spotlight: The Healing Place Women’s Community

As we reach the end of August, CREA would like to shine a light once again on our chosen cause for this month: Overdose Awareness. As is so often said, housing insecurity is instrumental in the development of so many issues impacting individuals and societies alike. Substance abuse, addiction and overdoses are no different. In fact, data proves that substance abuse and homelessness often go hand in hand. A survey by the United States Conference of Mayors found that 68% of cities reported that substance abuse was the largest cause of homelessness for single adults. Substance abuse was also reported as one of the top three causes of family homelessness by 12% of cities. In addition, 25% of homeless people surveyed identified drug use as the primary reason for homelessness.

In recognition of this cause, we would like to take a moment to celebrate a CREA property which is providing much-needed services and care for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction: The Healing Place Women’s Community in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Healing Place Women’s Community is a massive symbol of success in the fight against addiction, with the stats to back up their mission. Upon entry into the programs at The Healing Place, 88% of clients reported the use of illegal drugs. Upon follow-up, only 11% reported illegal drug use. This housing and recovery facility relies on the values of personal accountability and community support, with those who have completed the program often becoming peer mentors to foster recovery in others. In addition, program graduates continue to receive assistance with finding employment, housing, and legal and medical support.

CREA is proud to partner with developer The Healing Place, Inc. to provide these essential services. Though the month of August may be drawing to a close, our commitment to fighting against the tragedy of overdose and substance abuse continues throughout the year, under the support of housing like The Healing Place Women’s Community.


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