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Minnesota Places: Bringing Affordable Housing Back to Portland

Minnesota Places rendering.
Minnesota Places rendering by Wright Architecture.

Individuals and families in Portland, Oregon seeking affordable housing options will regain the opportunity to find them with the opening of Minnesota Places. Developed by PDX Signature Housing and set to complete construction in October of this year, Minnesota Places will create 72 high-quality affordable homes within the Albina/Humboldt neighborhood. This isn’t the first time affordable housing has come to the neighborhood but, as stated by development architect Wright Architecture, the “…quarter block redevelopment looks to replace some of the recently lost affordable housing in the area with high-quality, low-cost apartments.”

Minnesota Places will specifically target Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC residents) of all ages who were displaced due to interstate placement and ongoing gentrification. Utilizing the City of Portland’s North/Northeast Neighborhood Housing Strategy, Minnesota Places will prioritize BIPOC residents and those with longstanding ties to the area. Bucking the trend of inaccessible housing costs, Minnesota Places is offering these neglected communities the chance to recapture the areas they dutifully worked to strengthen.

Purpose-driven affordable housing, such as Minnesota Places, offers an effective method by which developers can extend a wealth of meaningful opportunities to marginalized groups who may have once found themselves alienated from their own neighborhoods. Aligned with CREA’s commitment to invest in properties offering tailored supportive services, the residents of Minnesota Places will find an experienced and passionate provider in the YWCA of Greater Portland.

Having operated in the area for decades and boasting partnerships with various local organizations focused on specific marginalized groups such as AAPI and LGBTQ+ communities, YWCA and its network will act as capable advocates. Resident services to be offered, include:

  • Referrals to housing assistance

  • Referrals for medical help services, such as family or individual counseling and senior services

  • Childcare resources

  • Career, employment assistance and skills training

  • Education and tutoring

  • Case management

“At CREA, we’re committed to partnering with proven community resources to impact the lives of those who call developments like Minnesota Places home,” said Alison Anderson, SVP & Originator at CREA. “The vibrant community of Albina and Portland at large have waited years for supportive housing of this caliber and we are so proud to have helped bring it to fruition.”

The success of this development and those like it is inextricably tied to outreach. Underserved residents may not be as likely to apply to high-quality housing developments for fear of being overlooked. However, the marketing and outreach efforts of Minnesota Places are being coordinated and catered to these individuals and families. Working alongside the Office of Diversity and Equity from Multnomah County, and partnering with an array of community advocacy organizations, such as Black Parent Initiative, Africa House, Pacific Islander and Asian Family Center, Impact NW, Self Enhancement Inc and Basic Rights Oregon, the stated purpose of the outreach campaign is to encourage application from those who benefit the most from the resources offered.

Even better, residents will be welcomed into the supportive community of Minnesota Places as PDX Signature Housing has created a blueprint that includes floorplans accommodating lifestyles and residents from all walks of life. And all residents, regardless of their household composition, will have access to amenities included within the property as well as the services outlined above. In addition to homes designed top to bottom with quality in mind, residents can expect to enjoy the following:

  • Community clubhouse

  • Business center

  • Exercise facility

  • Picnic area

  • Central location in a highly walkable environment near public transport, grocery stores, pharmacies and schools

We extend our sincere gratitude to our colleagues at Ally Bank, whose investments in affordable housing are integral to forward-thinking communities like Minnesota Places becoming a reality.

“We’re intentional about how we show up as an ally for our communities, focusing on efforts that reduce barriers to economic mobility like affordable housing,” said Jan Bergeson, Ally’s Executive Director, CRA Officer and Vice President of the Ally Charitable Foundation. “We value our relationship with CREA and our shared vision that everyone deserves a safe place to call home.”

Financial Information:

In addition to LIHTC equity secured through CREA Corporate Tax Credit Fund 91, Minnesota Places is funded with construction and tax-exempt bonds, as well as $3.5MM in Local Innovation and Fast Track (“LIFT”) funds through Oregon Housing Alliance and a $5,000 grant from Energy Trust of Oregon.


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