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FedEx Mass Shooting Statement from Jeffrey Whiting

April 16, 2021

Eight years ago, to the day, The Boston Marathon Bombing took place just steps outside of our Boston office. During the eight years between then and now, mass casualty incidences have continued to strike fear across the country, with our flags at half-staff and our hearts full of dread for what, when and where will be next.

Today, we mourn alongside the families of the FedEx facility mass shooting and the entire Indianapolis community where we call home to our headquarters. Late yesterday evening, multiple people lost their lives – multiple people lost their loved ones. And yet, this statement could have been applied on so many days prior to this one. Working-class citizens. Children and adult students. Concert and church-goers. Airplane passengers. Runners and spectators. People going about their day. So many lives have been lost to senseless acts of violence.

I ask you to join us in sending healing thoughts and deep condolences to the families, friends, and coworkers impacted in our community and so many communities like ours. But I also ask that you take action by rallying around these individuals, continuing the conversation around public safety, and to create change out of action.

Jeffrey Whiting Chairman and CEO


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