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CREA Joins SWF for their 10th and Final Falmouth Road Race

The Falmouth Road Race has become a tradition for CREA employees. For the fifth year, CREA joins Team Sturge-Weber Foundation (SWF) for the scenic seven mile run along the seaside of Cape Cod on August 18. This year, employees Tony Bertoldi, Aaron Carpenter, Phil LaRocca, Kelli Ozdemir, Ben Riesmeyer, Omar Rosas and Brooke Solis are taking to the pavement and fundraising to benefit SWF.

While Ben Riesmeyer has run in the Chicago Marathon and several other half marathons, this will be his first time running for a cause at the Falmouth Road Race. “Running on behalf of SWF means fighting for a cure and helping to further the research that will improve care and the lives of those affected by Sturge-Weber syndrome.”

Team SWF is led by partner client Pam McIntyre, whose son, Ryan, was diagnosed with Sturge-Weber syndrome at six months old. This year’s race marks the tenth and final year for Team SWF who has raised a cumulative $740,000 for the organization during its history with the race. Being in its final year hasn’t slowed down participation, though.

“I heard this was the tenth and final year of the Sturge-Weber Foundation Team and I wanted to help make a difference in the lives of people who are suffering or don’t have the same quality of life I have due to their medical condition,” said Brooke Solis.

Brooke, too, will be running in Falmouth for the first time. While she doesn’t consider herself a true runner, she has been inspired by the overall benefit. “It means the ability to bless and support human beings – to make a difference in the lives of others. I thought this would be good motivation to improve my own health as well. It’s hard to quit when someone else is relying on you.”

Coming back to Falmouth for the second year, Kelli Ozdemir is incorporating this run into her first full marathon training. As a mom to a daughter with type 1 diabetes and a huge advocate for JDRF, Kelli has been drawn to the Team SWF’s cause. “I have my own personal cause for a different disease that affects my family, so any chance I can help raise awareness and funds for someone else’s cause, I do it! I know how important finding cures and making diseases more manageable is to a family.”

This year, CREA’s presence is larger than ever and has hopes of making a big fundraising impact for the Sturge-Weber Foundation. CREA has been honored to run alongside Team SWF and looks forward to being part of their final year.

“I am thrilled to be a part of this race and the cause,” said Kelli. “It is huge in Falmouth. It is like the city shuts down for the race; everyone comes out to watch. The streets are completely lined with crowds cheering you on the entire route and it is so energizing.”

If you’d like to contribute, below are the links to our employee fundraising pages:

  1. Tony Bertoldi

  2. Aaron Carpenter & Omar Rosas

  3. Phil LaRocca

  4. Kelli Ozdemir

  5. Ben Riesmeyer

  6. Brooke Solis

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