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CREA Celebrates Black History Month

There are countless ways to facilitate both celebration & education as it relates to Black History Month. Whether through literature and film, volunteerism, conversations with loved ones, and so much more, this month provides an opportunity to reaffirm our shared commitment to honoring the heritage of Black people in this country and beyond. We asked a our friends and colleagues at CREA how they have chosen to celebrate Black History Month in their own homes – their diverse answers serve as a reminder of the many ways to get involved and stay informed.

  • Patricia Phillips, Executive Assistant, is enjoying the physical and mental health benefits of hot yoga at the Hot Room in Carmel, IN, which has placed an emphasis on inclusion and diversity this month and beyond. The studio has also launched a foundation aimed at providing scholarships to prospective yoga instructors from diverse backgrounds. You can read more about their mission here.

  • Alicia Turner, Senior Fund Analyst, plans to visit the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY to learn more about the life and accomplishments of one of the world’s greatest athletes and activists. Alicia and her family have also dedicated Sunday evenings to documentaries, “to learn more about people, things and events that celebrate the Black experience in America.”

  • Irma Padgett, Administrative Assistant, was prompted to look deeper into some of the most impactful Black Americans after her daughter made the pictured shirts for her family. Irma says, “More people need to learn about these amazing leaders.”

  • Renee Slaughter, Vice President, Account Manager, has challenged her daughter to research Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) as candidates for future college visits. Renee and her daughter have had conversations about what these institutions represent, their history, and some of the famous alum who have attended them. “The experience has been eye opening for her.”

  • Asia A. Williams, Vice President, Account Manager, has been an avid supporter of the new ABC primetime comedy Abbott Elementary. The show was created by Quinta Brunson, who acts as executive producer and writer in addition to starring in the project. In addition, Asia has been supporting local Black-owned businesses in the Los Angeles area such as like Simply Wholesome and Hilltop.

Quinta Brunson in Abbott Elementary. Source: The Washington Post

  • Krysten Schmidt, Assistant Vice President, Content Manager, took her two daughters to their local library, “and picked out books to honor, discover, expand, and encourage discussion around Black history and culture.” From a variety of iconic Black figures like Beyoncé and Rosa Parks, to dialogue around difference, acceptance, and celebration, Krysten has taken the event of Black History Month as a chance to get her girls engaged in stories of and by Black Americans."

In addition to the above individuals, CREA is proud to support the National Urban League this month as a reminder of our dedication to economic and social justice for Black Americans.


As evidenced by this list, there is no shortage of fun, engaging and educational ways to celebrate Black History Month with those close to you. And though the month is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to honor the contributions and culture of Black people throughout history and in your own life.


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