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Building Communities – Impacting Lives

By Jeff Whiting

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening for Alston Park, a property in Cincinnati developed by the Woda Group. As is often the case at grand openings, there are plenty of congratulations and best wishes for success by local, state and federal officials. All of which is well deserved due to the effort it takes to make transformative changes similar to what occurred at Alston Park. It is a beautiful property and it took a coordinated effort of many to provide the resources to revitalize the property and surrounding neighborhood. What has struck me most are the lives this property will impact. The residents are extremely pleased with the units, the amenities and the green space. This is now a home to many families that need affordable housing. It isn’t a project anymore, it’s a community. It will impact lives. Well done, Woda Group. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with you.


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