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90 Years of City Securities Corporation

It occurs to me every so often, and is reinforced when I talk with John Peterson or Danny Danielson, that there are things more important in life than budgets, office space, depreciation assumptions, and IRR calculations. When I talk with John and Danny, I realize that CREA would not exist without them. We stand in their shadow. And that shadow is very long. Their  commitment to church, City Financial, Indianapolis, the state of Indiana and Indiana University is a lesson that I appreciate more each day. They have given a life time of service to those institutions. They ask for nothing in return but the knowledge they are doing right.

None of us at CREA would be here if not for their efforts to make City Securities what it is today. We are very much a part of the DNA of City Financial. We share a common ancestral home with our cousins at City Securities and City Insurance. And not to lay on too much hyperbole, in an ethereal fashion we too are decedents of J. Dwight Peterson.  Although CREA has  grown beyond the fields of Indiana – our roots, our home is here. It always will be. We remember.

And so as I think about office space, revenue, expenses, and board reports, I am humbled by our ancestry and the accomplishments of our forefathers J. Dwight, John and Danny.

Gentlemen, thank you.  It is honor to be part of the City Family.


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