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The Pacific Companies’ Resident Rewards Program Creates a Currency For Community

At CREA, we believe that opportunity starts with a safe place to call home. But, that’s not all. We also believe that strong communities are just as important as the brick and mortar of a new development. That’s why we are proud to partner with groups who create and implement inventive ways to foster growth in the populations they serve; the Pacific Companies’ TPC Resident Rewards program is one such innovation that promises to provide actionable improvements to tenants’ lives. Much like earning miles through a credit card, this program is available to all their residents in over 8,000 units across 129 properties in the United States since being first implemented three years ago.

However, there’s a twist – ‘points’ aren’t earned through purchases or loyalty, but action. This action-based reward system allocates points for on-time rent payment, or lease renewals, for example. Additionally, residents can receive points for referrals at any TPC property, avoiding lease violations, and for keeping their new home in excellent condition. TPC Resident Rewards even provides points for completing important lifestyle education seminars.

“The resident education component, ‘Surveys & Quizzes’, gets fantastic feedback – 60% of the residents that comment in our ‘Earn/Share’ section comment on them,” said Zack Deboi, Executive at The Pacific Companies. “We provide education on topics such as, how to: put out a grease fire, watch for pool safety, implement energy efficiencies, shut off their water, or, what not to put down the garbage disposal…..all which directly impact resident safety, environment, property performance and stability. In fact, many residents reach out via email to us to ask when we’re posting a new one.”

As for the rewards available to residents for their hard-earned points? Those, too, feature some you might expect and others you might not. Gift cards are a popular option, allowing residents to convert their actions at home into important purchases for a variety of purposes at their own discretion. Essentials like diapers, groceries, or gas can easily be purchased with the cards. However, the rewards don’t stop there. In addition to the gift card option, they host a unique category that allows for redemption of points toward alternative benefits such as a new home purchase, vehicle, daycare or education expenses.

You don’t have to take our word for it — here are testimonials straight from those that TPC Resident Rewards directly benefits:

I love this program. I am a single mother so earning points for paying rent on time and quizzes on apartment living come in handy. Especially when my daughter needs diapers or I am low on gas. These cards come in handy. I am so thankful. Shamika D. / Bakersfield Family / Bakersfield, CA
I had a month where I had an unexpected medical expense and being on a limited income I didn’t have money for anything else that month. With my points, I got Walmart cards and was able to get groceries for the month. I don’t know what I would have done without those cards. Hildreth, M. / Ridgecrest Senior / Ridgecrest, CA
Being a single parent I live month to month and this gives my daughter and I a little something to look forward to. I love taking the quizzes, I usually have my daughter join me so she can learn from them as well. Then she can pick a gift card and I can take her out. Thank you so much for this program. (Especially helpful during this tough time on quarantine, thank you again!) Corrine K. / The Aspens / South Lake Tahoe, CA


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