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CREA Foundation & CSUN Identify 2023-24 CREA Scholars

CSUN graduation
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CREA Foundation, Inc., in conjunction with academic partner California State University, Northridge (CSUN), is pleased to announce the selection of the 2027 class of financial and supportive aid recipients in the form of the 2023 CREA Scholars.

After reviewing applications and conducting interviews, CREA Foundation and CSUN leaders selected twenty incoming freshman students at CSUN to each receive a scholarship on average of $5,000, beginning with the 2023-24 academic year and continuing each subsequent year, in the hopes of supporting their aspirations to achieve a post-secondary degree.

“We are elated to launch the CREA Scholars at CSUN program and are excited about the opportunities for the scholars to create a community of support and connection over the next four years,” Jideonwo said. “We’re confident in our partnership with CSUN’s Educational Opportunity Program to provide a community for CREA Scholars to thrive, persist from year to year, and graduate.”

CREA, LLC’s co-president, Charles Anderson, and one of its vice presidents (acquisitions), Asia Williams, are both CSUN alumni, therefore, this partnership is extra special to CREA Foundation.

The CREA Scholars Program at CSUN generated significant interest, resulting in a competitive application process. 35 students applied, 25 were interviewed, and 20 were selected as the first class of scholars, including Jose Mejia Acabal, Miguel Angel Garcia Luna, Lucio Aranda, Alexander Bonilla, Roman Buenrostro, Luis Cotto, Christian Galindo-Carrera, Ellen Garcia, Katherine Guinea, Levon Hakobyan, Carlos Hallman, Joel Ipatzi, Mariana Morales - Hernandez, Karla Moreno, Jacqueline Navarro, Annette Perez, Crystal Tellez, Yajaira Valencia, Jeremy Velasquez and Angelina Zuniga Kramer.

“By creating the CREA Scholars Program at CSUN, CREA Foundation has opened the doors of opportunity for students to achieve their highest aspirations,” said CSUN President Erika D. Beck. “We are deeply grateful to CREA Foundation for its impactful investment in our students and our mission of enabling human potential through the transformative power of a CSUN degree. We are so proud to welcome the inaugural cohort of CREA Scholars at CSUN as they begin their college journey, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with CREA Foundation in building a brighter and more equitable future.”

The official induction ceremony took place on October 15th at CSUN where each scholarship recipient walked across the stage to begin their journey as a CREA Scholar. The ceremony was attended by members of CREA, LLC, Nicole Ipach, President of CSUN Foundation, and other CSUN employees along with the students accompanied by their family members. Through strategic partnerships, CREA Foundation seeks to improve the lives of youth and young adults facing financial barriers to success in the communities we serve by creating opportunities to further their learning, development and education.


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